Win the Ultimate Pittsburgh Entertainment Package

Melderverse is preparing to take the Pittsburgh Region by storm with a groundbreaking platform for both consumers and businesses.

The platform melds the physical and digital worlds together, combining the social, gaming, and consumer ecosystems using a unique blend of technologies including Augmented Reality (AR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to layer content, games, and other digital interactions over real-life environments generating "Immersive Experiences" that entertain and engage.

We are reshaping the future of consumer engagement.  Consumers in the Melderverse participate in challenges, play games, collect virtual items, and more to earn rewards and prizes from brands, retailers, restaurants, non-profits, and sports teams.

The primary orchestrator of festivities within the Melderverse is the Game Master (GM). He is a playful, friendly enigma that lives for shenanigans and escapades. Don't let him fool you though. He is a fierce competitor and a relentless force poised to vanquish his opponents at any expense. All in good fun and for the love of the Melderverse.

The Game Master will be collaborating with various brands and retailers, posting daily and weekly activities giving consumers chances to earn prizes and rewards.  Activities may include scavenger hunts, competing in mobile or IRL (in real life) games, visiting a retail location, solving puzzles, and more. 

"Immersifying Pittsburgh is going to be epic," said the Melderverse Game Master. "We need a full pool of participants before we can begin the first challenge. So dive on in. Sign up now to reserve your spot.  It's free and filled with an abundance of thrilling benefits, which includes hanging out with yours truly in the digital world."

Melderverse is running a massive kickoff giveaway called the Ultimate Pittsburgh Entertainment Package that contains gift cards, tickets, and items from various attractions, venues, and retailers in the Greater Pittsburgh Region, currently valued at over $1,500 (see below).  The giveaway list will continue to grow until the winner is announced in November.

Being early always has its benefits in the Melderverse.  The first 100 to participate in a challenge or game will receive a Melderverse Game Master t-shirt.  Owning and wearing the t-shirt will earn participants additional rewards and chances to win prizes in the future.

Make sure you never miss a beat and stay informed.  Sign up for giveawayJoin our Discord.  And follow us on all the socials.  You never know when the Game Master will drop some timely nuggets of information that could help you win prizes.

The Ultimate Pittsburgh Entertainment Package Giveaway
Note: Current and will continue to grow.

  • Capital Grille - $250 Gift Card
  • Three Rivers Karting Entertainment Park - $150 Gift Card
  • Zone 28 - $300 Gift Card
  • Primanti's - $50 Gift Card
  • Sheetz - $50 Gift Card
  • Giant Eagle - $250 Gift Card
  • Pittsburgh Riverhounds - 4 Tickets USL 2024 Regular Season Home Match*
  • Pittsburgh Zoo - 4 Tickets
  • The Puttery - $100 Gift Card
  • Dick's Sporting Goods - $250 Gift Card

*Subject to availability.  You may just need to pick another day.  Pro tip. Don't try to redeem the day of the game. :)

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