Immerse Yourself

Platform Highlights

Social networking combined with Augmented Reality (AR) to create the next generation of communication and immersive interactions.
Immersive Library
A growing library of immersive experiences, games, and apps for both entertainment and utility.
Collect, earn, buy, and trade virtual items that can be used in games, experiences, and more.
Crate Drops
A virtual "box" curated per user filled with items and other various surprises.
Brands, retailers, and creators can use Melderverse Channels to conect, engage, and transact with their audience.
In-platform currency to purchase items, games, and more in the Melderverse.
Create virtual payment cards to purchase goods and services in the Melderverse and in real life (IRL).
Earn items, games, Meldercoins, coupons, discounts, and more in the Melderverse and IRL.