Game Master

The Origins of the Game Master - Part One

The Melderverse Game Master (GM) is ready to unload the goods.

Prepare yourself for an exciting multi-part series exploring the origins of the Game Master.

He is a bit of an enigma, but has agreed to share never revealed information about his background and life story.

Let's start where every great story starts... the beginning.

The GM is not from our current place and time.  He was born in Ancient Greece during the Heroic Age, the period of time between the coming of the Greeks to Thessaly and the Greek warriors' return from Troy.

His roots derive from a family of explorers.  Most explorers during this time were often forgotten because the achievements of the warriors cast such a huge shadow on them. The GM's birth name was Alconeas.  He was the younger brother of Pytheas, a geographer and astronomer known for his exploration of Northwestern Europe.  

While Pytheas was away on a voyage, Alconeas was hard at work with his studies.  He was much younger than his brother, but very eager to follow in his foot steps.  While exploring a cave on the outskirts of town, something remarkable happened.  

While resting after exploring the cave, his mind wandered. He focused on the thoughts of a home cooked meal and getting some sleep in his bed.  Then something unbelievable happened.  Unfathomable.

With his eyes closed and a swooshing sensation throughout his entire body, Alconeas was somehow transported to his bed... in his home... a sixty minute walk from the cave.  He lay motionless trying to gain an understanding of what just happened.  Was he suffering from an illness or exhaustion?  

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Game Master (aka - Alconeas).

GM, thank you for taking time to discuss and share your story.  What can you tell us about that day in the cave?

Game Master
First, I would like it to be known that this is the very first time I am sharing my story with anyone besides Chiefmelder.  By nature, I am very private, however, I realize the importance of my story and how it relates to the Melderverse.

That day in the cave was horrifying for me.  I was a young boy roaming the countryside getting dirty and being one with nature.  My trip to the cave had a purpose though.  There were crystals inside that alchemists in the local villages highly sought.  Most people stayed away from the cave because years back a local went missing exploring the cave.  I know the true story behind that, however it is a story for another day.

That day I had travelled deep into the cave to find a new section of crystals.  After collecting all that my satchel could hold, I made my way back to the entrance of the cave.  I sat to regroup before the the trek home.  While resting, I closed my eyes and started to visualize my laying in my bed. I was hungry and couldn't help think about my mom's delicious bread.  And then it happened.  It was the first time I teleported.

How old were you?

Game Master
I believe I had recently turned 13.  

And what were your first thoughts after it happened?

Game Master
Very confused. My first thought was that of hallucination. I was exhausted from my travels, extremely hungry and thirsty.  It was possible I was still in the cave and so delirious that my brain was playing tricks on me.   Reality set in when I felt my mother's presence as she yelled my name from a distance.  After a period of time in which I didn't respond, she entered my chambers.  She was holding a piece of bread and informed me it was time for our family meal.

My confusion turned immediately to elation as I snatched the bread from her hand and devoured it.  I gave my mother a long embrace and then joined the rest of the family.  It wasn't until later in the evening as I laid in bed did I try to make sense of it all.

Was this the only time something like this occurred?

Game Master
No. In fact, it began to happen very frequently.  And it is the very reason why I landed in the Melderverse.

This concludes our first segment of the Origins of the Game Master series.  In the second part, we will dive deeper learning more about the GM's next wave of teleportations and how it led him to the Melderverse.

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