The Realm of Warminster

Be Epic. Live the Adventure.

Realm of Warminster

Tags: Fantasy, Role-playing
Status: Pre-launch
Inspired by The Realm of Warminster series written by author J.V Hilliard, The Realm of Warminster is a Melded Reality RPG that allows you to live the medieval dream.

  • Build and Grow Your Kingdom
  • Adventure, Discover, and Quest
  • Battle and Conquer

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Immersify Yourself with Augmented Reality Technology

Bring the Realm of Warminster to you with our AR technology!

Open Realm of Warminster, and use your smartphone camera to scan your surroundings to view an interactive landscape.

The Realm of Warminster Series

The Warminster Saga, a four-book epic and dark fantasy series by award-winning author JV Hilliard casts the reader into the fabled Realm of Warminster, a land of harrowing adventure, magic, and monsters. Follow the last Keeper, Daemus Alaric as he battles against the encroaching evil of Graytorris the Mad. Fall in love with the forbidden romance of the Vermilion princess and wizard Addilyn Elspeth and her troll-born ranger, Sir Ritter of Valkeneer as they fight to save the seven baronies from civil war.

About the Author

J.V Hilliard
BORN OF STEEL, fire, and black wind, J.V. Hilliard was raised as a highlander in the foothills of a once-great mountain chain on the confluence of the three mighty rivers that forged his realm’s wealth and power for generations.

Hilliard’s earliest education took place in his warrior uncle’s tower, where he learned his first words. His uncle helped him to learn the basics of life—and, most importantly, creative writing. Hilliard’s training and education readied him to lift a quill that would scribe the tale of the realm of Warminster, filled with brave knights, harrowing adventure and legendary struggles. He lives in the city of silver cups, hypocycloids and golden triangles with his wife, a ranger of the diamond. They built their castle not far into the countryside, guarded by his own two horsehounds, Thor and MacLeod, and resides there to this day.

The Realm of Warminster is Absolutely Awesome!

"I'm having a ball solving and completing the quests. It's so good to see so many of my friends here already. I'm glad I came across this gem. I can't wait so see what the next adventure is. It just keeps getting better and better!"

- Sir Smoth

Changed my Perspective

"The Melderverse and Realm of Warminster are the real deal, I was never into RPGs growing up but this has changed my perspective completely. I’m having so much fun doing quests and the community is very helpful and inviting. Don’t miss out on the fun and start your journey today!!"

- that_juggalo

Hooked from the Start

"The Melderverse games are exciting and fun! They hook you from the moment you start. They challenge your mind and bring out your creative side. I’m always waiting for the next quest!"  

- Lady Best

Early Access

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Only 3,000 Spots Available
  • First Wave Access to Test and Play
  • Exclusive Access to News and Updates
  • $250 Value In-Game Currency
  • Limited Edition Warminster Habitat Theme
  • Weekly Chest Drops (1 Item)
  • One (1) Parcel of Land

Premier Knighthood

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Only 1,000 Spots Available
  • First 250 Receive Autographed Book
  • Early Access Benefits
  • Knight Level Game Status
  • Exclusive Limited Edition Warminster Knight NFT (1 of 1,000)
  • $500 Value  In-Game Currency
  • Exclusive Limited Edition Knight Avatar Skin
  • Exclusive Limited Edition Knight Sword
  • Weekly Chest Drops (2 Items)
  • Two (2) Parcels of Land

Premier Barron or Baroness

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Only 800 Spots Available
As a Founding Barron or Baroness, you will be part of an exclusive group of individuals helping to shape the design and gameplay of the Warminster virtual world by collaborating with J.V. Hilliard and the Melderverse creative and development teams.
  • First 200 Receive Autographed Book and Swag Bag
  • Early Access Benefits
  • Knighthood Benefits
  • Barron / Baroness Game Status
  • Access to Collaboration Portal
  • Exclusive Limited Edition Barron / Baroness NFT (1 of 1,000)
  • $1,000 Value In-Game Currency
  • Exclusive Limited Edition Barron / Baroness Avatar Skin
  • Weekly Chest Drops (4 Items)
  • Four (4) Parcels of Land

Premier Duke or Duchess

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Only 200 Spots Available
  • Autographed Book and Ultimate Swag Bag
  • Early Access Benefits
  • Knighthood Benefits
  • Barron / Baroness Benefits
  • Duke / Duchess Game Status
  • Exclusive Limited Edition Duke / Duchess NFT (1 of 200)
  • $2,000 Value In-Game Currency
  • Exclusive Limited Edition Duke / Duchess Avatar Skin
  • Weekly Chest Drops (8 Items)
  • Eight (8) Parcels of Land

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When will the Realm of Warminster officially launch?

The team is working diligently around the clock to achieve our goal of launching the alpha version in Q1 2023. We will be frequently posting news and updates to keep the community in the loop on progress. If you ever have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

What devices will the Realm of Warminster be accessible on?

The Realm of Warminster is a world within the Melderverse.  It will be available on any browser-based device that has an Internet connection.  This includes desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones (Android and iPhone).  It will also be available on select virtual reality (VR) headsets as well.

What does "First Wave" access mean?

You will be part of an exclusive group to me the very first users of the Realm of Warminster. We will have a period of time when only First Wave users will be able to use the platform before launching to the public. That means that you will have a competitive advantage and receive a head start on building your kingdom.

What is the Collaboration Portal?

Getting in early has an extremely unique experience for the Barron/Baroness and Duke/Duchess pre-sell packages. Users will be able to participate in the Collaboration Portal, which is a private community for early adopters to collaborate with J.V. Hilliard and the Melderverse team on the design of the Realm of Warminster. You will be able to provide insights and feedback that will shape various elements of gameplay for launch and in the future.

What is a Chest (Crate) Drop?

Chests (Crates) contain a variety of different types of digital items that can be used throughout the Realm of Warminster World and potentially other places within the Melderverse. We are aiming to start the Chest Drops in July 2022. Prior to the drops, we will send you information on how to set up your account to begin receiving and collecting your items.

What is In-Game Currency?

In-Game Currency is "money" that can be used to purchase items, assets, upgrades, and other premium features.  In-Game Currency can be bought with real money or earned in a variety of ways in the Realm.

What is Land?

Land is a virtual piece of real estate in the Realm of Warminster that can be owned and controlled. Land owners can customize terrain, build properties, create games, and add digital assets. Owning Land will allow you to perform a wide variety of activities within the Realm. Owners will also be able to rent or resell the land at some point. Land will be established as unique NFT's on blockchain for official launch.

Why would I want to play an RPG?

Role-playing games (RPGs) offer many benefits, both to individuals and to groups of players. For one, RPGs provide a fun and engaging way to socialize and interact with others. They also encourage creativity, problem-solving, and strategic thinking, as players must create and develop their characters and make decisions that affect the outcome of the game. Additionally, RPGs can be a great way to improve communication and collaboration skills, as players must work together to achieve common goals. Furthermore, RPGs can be an effective form of escapism, allowing players to immerse themselves in a fictional world and take on new identities and experiences. Overall, playing a role-playing game can be a rewarding and enjoyable way to challenge and entertain oneself and others.

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The Last Keeper, Book One of the Warminster Series

Book One of the Warminster Series, now available, is the product of Hilliard's lifelong love of all things fantasy. Hilliard began his journey in the fantasy realm developing characters and the world in which they live for long-running RPGs with friends and family alike.